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We Provide Clean Tech Solutions

Duraflex is a company that provides clean technology solutions, applied to soil stabilization, soil treatments, diagnostics, among others. We seek to have a great impact on the environment; as well as help optimize costs and time in construction projects, showing our commitment to sustainable innovation and a greener future.

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What is Duraflex®?

Duraflex® is a CLEANTECH mineral admixture that improves the way cement hydrates.

In combination with Duraflex® cement, it generates a totally impermeable structure with high unconfined compressive strength and flexural strength, allowing high workability in all types of soils (high IP soils, marine soils, clay soils, etc.) and in extreme climatic conditions.

Our Solutions

CleanTech for soils, structures and passives

Duraflex transforms cement hydration, creating a robust, impermeable material by sealing capillarity. Recognized as a CLEANTECH innovation by Canada,...

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What is DURAFLEX® Duraflex® is a mineral admixture for soil stabilization  and concrete modification. In combination with cement, Duraflex® ...

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Duraflex® Is A Solution For The Reclamation Of Contaminated Soil What is Duraflex®? Duraflex® is a patent pending hexagonal...

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