Duraflex Reclamation

Duraflex® Is A Solution For The Reclamation Of Contaminated Soil

What is Duraflex®?

Duraflex® is a patent pending hexagonal crystalline technology composed entirely of natural mineralization and free of chlorides.

How does it work?

When Duraflex® is combined with Ordinary Portland Cement and Soil the matrix builds microscopic hexagonal crystalline structures that knit together to fully close off all capillary action in soil.

What does this mean?

Contaminates in the soil (including heavy metals and hydrocarbons) are encapsulated into the soil matrix and therefore unable to leach.   The solidified (remediated) soil matrix is rendered INERT.

“Our goal is to manage project costs by reclassifying as much land as possible. In the last 20 years I have not seen anything that has Duraflex’s ability to encapsulate heavy metals in this way.” – Tommy Shearer, Duraflex UK


Stabilization & Solidification

Stabilization and Solidification (S/S) is a soil remediation process which is a widely accepted and has been used in approx. 25% of the Superfund sites.

Duraflex’s crystalline technology is a significant improvement to existing solidification.

The inclusion of Duraflex® will encapsulate Metals, VOCs and SVOCs into a solidified soil matrix which is impervious to water and salt.