Duraflex Soil Stabilization


Duraflex® is a mineral admixture for soil stabilization  and concrete modification.

In combination with cement, Duraflex®  generates a totally impermeable structure that has  high unconfined compressive strength and flexural characteristics.  Duraflex has high  suitability in all type of soils (even steeped clays etc) and works in extreme weather  conditions.

Duraflex inhibits the action of fulvic and carbonic acids, while supporting and enhancing the hydration process. Due to the newly created interlocking hexagonal crystal structures, significant increases in bonding capabilities occur. This bonding results in higher compressive strength and faster cure times.


Why Choose Duraflex?

When we put Duraflex to the test against other alternatives available on the market, its advantages can be seen: it offers greater time efficiency, cost savings, durability and its application in a wide range of flooring types. With its 100% mineral composition, its ability to reduce CO2 emissions makes Duraflex the most reliable, responsible and cost-effective long-term choice for a wide range of projects in different sectors.

  • Single pass construction.
  • Eliminates imported aggregates.
  • Eliminates the removal & replacement of the existing in-situ material.
  • Increase road base lifespan by 50%
  • Increase compressive and tensile strength of the matrix.
  • Eliminates reflective cracking in the pavement.
  • Decrease thickness of pavement.
  • Freeze-Thaw resistant (eliminates frost heaves)
  • Reduced construction costs.
  • No off gassing when curing.