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CleanTech for soils, structures and passives

Duraflex® Is A Solution For The Reclamation Of Contaminated Soil What is Duraflex®? Duraflex® is a patent pending hexagonal...

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What is DURAFLEX® Duraflex® is a mineral admixture for soil stabilization  and concrete modification. In combination with cement, Duraflex® ...

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Duraflex transforms cement hydration, creating a robust, impermeable material by sealing capillarity. Recognized as a CLEANTECH innovation by Canada,...

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CleanTeach Solution

Building solid ground - Reclaiming our environment

The 4th generation of Duraflex is a non-chloride admixture. Further, it is composed of all-natural minerals and mineralized compounds. Duraflex does not contain any volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and prevents leeching of pre-existing contaminates into the environment.

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